1. Project Development Support
        If you need support developing your ideas and project proposals, the AAA team will assist you. Our organization has many years’ experience in project proposal development, project management and fundraising.
    2. Networking
        As a membership organization, we regularly organize formal and informal networking events for our member alumni who represent many different organizations from both public and private sector.
    3. Marketplace
        If you are selling your own products or services, you are welcome to use AAA online store to display your products. We support our alumni’s independent entrepreneurial initiatives.
    4. Venue
         Our members are welcome to use Alumni Room for small and cozy gatherings as well as Conference Room for larger parties and/or official events, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, networking and etc. Our rooms are located in the city center free to use for AAA members. Certain conditions apply.

If you wish to request AAA support or have any questions about what we offer for you, please email us at programs@aaa.org.az.