What is AAA?

AAA is the acronym standing for Azerbaijani Alumni Association. The full name of the organization is US Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association.

Who can join AAA?

Anybody who has been a participant of the U.S Government funded programs or studied individually in the USA can join AAA as a member. AAA also maintains a huge FRIENDS list, which keeps the interested people updated of its activities and events.

How can I join AAA?

Simply fill out membership application in this link and we will respond on your membership status once committee decides whether you are eligible for the membership.

What are the benefits of joining AAA?

AAA is for alumni and for the society of Azerbaijan; its functions are set up to serve alumni and the society at-large. Any alumni who joins us takes advantage of activities and fun events which cant be offered by any other organization. It also has great networking opportunities that many members can take great advantage.

What does AAA do in general?

AAA provides trainings, holds recruitments and job sessions, different types of seminars, charity and fun events, invites guest speaker from different part of the world and also local experts and businessmen on different fields. We also do research and publish policy papers. And above all we are always open for new ideas. If you are a member or friend and want to implement a project with AAA, please contact us through an email at azerbaijanialumniassociation@gmail.com.

How can I get involved in AAA’s projects?

Permanently keep an eye on the announcements sent to AAA list serve (if you are alumni or registered as a friend). After you send your request for participation, and AAA staff verifies your eligibility for involvement, you will be informed right away. Also we have community service involvement which you can also consider. And follow the news sections of www.aaa.org.az

Can I make project proposal?

Of course you can. Whenever you have any project proposal please email at azerbaijanialumniassociation@gmail.com and if our committee finds it very useful we will contact you immediately.

How does AAA work?

AAA has board which consists of chairman, vice-chairperson, secretary and members of different programs chosen based on votes.  Startegy and action plans determined by the board are being implemented by AAA staff.  AAA staff manages daily activities of the organization. Currently AAA has four full-time staff members. Projects manager leds AAA staff.

How can I become a board member?

In order to become a board member candidates nominate themselves by sending email to AAA office email once calls for board membership are open. Elections to Board are usually taken place every two years. And it is announced through list serve and other communication channels to the alumni.

How is election to board implemented?

Application form is sent to list serve and candidates nominate themselves to the board. Alumni get voting codes, and vote within a week; the votes are counted and the final decision is announced after all procedures.

What is eligibility?

There is not any age limit for becoming board member or any position at board. You have to be the alumnus of the programs represented in the board (see: Organizational Structure).

What if I am not alumni but active student, can I also become a member?

Those who are not alumni can become a friend and added to friend list.

How can I place a job announcement on weekly newsletter?

For any job ad replacement request please send email at azerbaijanialumniassociation@gmail.com.

What is beneficence of placing job ad on AAA Newsletter?

All AAA alumni are very experienced and skilled and all of them no matter where they go create new type of work environment at their offices. So, placing job announcements mean new ideas, new people and perfect potential for you company and also the best company rate. AAA’s mailing list is circulated both among alumni and friends, and in many cases it is circulated to the mailing lists of our sister organizations.

How to become potential partner?

If you want to become partner please email us at azerbaijanialumniassociation@gmail.com and along with that send detailed description of your cooperation plans.