Why Join AAA

Why Join AAA?

AAA is for alumni and for the society of Azerbaijan; its functions are set up to serve alumni and the society at-large. Any alumnus who joins us takes advantage of activities and fun events that cannot be offered by any other organization.

  • Joining AAA will help you stay connected with other alumni and share all the excitement going on in the organization.
  • By joining our ourganization we will add you to our listserve so that you will be updated on every activity that is taking place in the community.
  • You will be invited to events organized by AAA, including meeting with VIPs and exclusive guests in town.
  • We provide trainings on multiple fields and issues, delivered by American alumni and well-known experts.
  • Our mailing list is one of the best sources for getting information on the job openings in the government, private and non-profit sectors.
  • We hold recruitment seminars and job sessions, and invite recruiters to our premises, a great opportunity to impress your potential employers.
  • We do charity events, raise funds and spend time with those who need our help and care.
  • We do know how to have fun: parties, movie nights, trips, and many more fun activities are part of our activities.
  • We do sports. We hold various sports tournaments. This is fun, competition and at the same time an opportunity to network with many alumni and friends.
  • And above all we are always open for NEW IDEAS!


Want to know more? Ask us your questions by sending an email to pm@aaa.org.az or just give us a call. Or come visit us at our office!

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